Interest in venous disease has increased throughout Europe since 2005. Although there were several symposia, congresses, that were organized on vascular medicine, most courses were structured with the familiar format of presentations, discussions and occasionally demonstrations on technique rather than actual hands-on training. Most courses devoted little time to venous disease until Peter Neglén, Bo Eklöf and Andrew Nicolaides (European Venous Forum Faculty) conceived and introduced its first EVF Hands on Workshop (HOW) Course which was held in Larnaca, Cyprus in 2009. Ever since the EVF HOW course is being held yearly at the end of October. A new team of Directors has taken over the lead of this course: Marianne De Maeseneer, Tomasz Urbanek and Steve Black, in close collaboration with Andrew Nicolaides.

The format combines “state-of-the art” presentations providing up-to-date information of modern practical management of venous disease, illustrated by case management discussions, live demonstrations, and most importantly, hands-on instruction with training on modern procedures.

Each Workshop is limited to 100 participants. A faculty of more than 35 World renowned Vascular/Venous Specialists ensures an unusual low learner/instructor ratio (3:1). The impact on the learners is significant. The learners also have access to the Venous Interactive Portfolio (VIP) which is accessed via the EVF HOW website. All the presentations are available for detailed study and additional study material, such as recommended literature, didac­tic videos, case studies etc. are placed to enhance learning experience and better illustrate the course material. The learner can access this for up to a year after attending the EVF HOW.

Yearly Audits show that using Multiple choice questions (MCQ) performed before and after the meetings a 75% response rate and the average correct result was substantially increased for most of the delegates. The Workshop continues to influence and change almost all (97%) learners’ clinical practice in the future.

This success could not have been sustained through the years without the support of the dedicated faculty members and the strong commitment of our industry partners. The format will be continuously refined as we continually develop and improve the learners experience of the EVF HOW.


The concept of EVF HOW Plus evolved as a need for further and deeper instruction for some of the more specialized Workshops from our Learners. The ability to gain a comprehensive “Hands- On” Experience with the actual “Experts” in their clinical environment.

The formula of the EVF HOW Plus courses, is small participant groups with stimulating programs containing inter-active elements and practical aspects. Education is provided by some world-renowned experts from our Faculty which guarantees a high level of participant experience and satisfaction.

In collaboration with Oscar Maleti and Marzia Lugli, Courses on “Stenting of Ilio-Femoral Venous Outflow” and “Deep Valve Repair” were the pioneering EVF HOW Plus Courses held in Modena, Italy in 2015. We continue to offer these Courses throughout the year which involve: Wound Care, Venous Stenting and Thrombolysis Training days and Venous Duplex scanning.

New Course topics are being planned for the upcoming year!