EVF HOW Plus Courses

EVF HOW Plus Courses for 2024

The EVF HOW Plus Courses started in 2015 and were organized by Prof. Oscar Maleti and Dr. Marzia Lugli.

New courses are planned for 2024 and our 2019 report can be viewed here.

If you would like to be notified when the courses open for registration, please contact Dawn Bond.

EVF HOW Plus Courses 2024

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What is EVF HOW Plus?

During EVF HOW workshop, learners frequently ask for the possibility to receive more in-depth instruction about the details of various procedures in clinical practice. To continue the goal to provide education in venous disease the EVF HOW Plus courses are created to offer an opportunity to improve various skill sets for venous therapists.

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Main Objective

To ensure sufficient skills by providing detailed knowledge, simulator training and preceptorship in a clinical setting to initiate the use of a procedure

Pre-requisites for learners to attend EVF HOW Plus

The learner should have:

  • preferably attended the EVF Hands-on Workshop;
  • proven basic endovascular skills such as experience of DUS-guided access, placing of sheaths, handling guide wires and catheters, intra-interventional use of DUS etc. before training in percutaneous procedures;
  • proven experience as surgeons of exploration of arteries and veins before training in open venous procedures.

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How are the EVF HOW Plus courses structured?

Duration: Short duration (2-3 days)
Number of learners: Depending on type of course, min 4 – max 10
Tools of instruction to provide in-depth education in venous disease may vary dependent on type of course:

  • Presentations or lectures should be few and avoided, if possible.
  • Discussions on defined didactic case reports should replace presentations. The clinical cases should be selected with the aim to a/ support the objectives of the course, and b/ introduce the local clinical cases to be treated.
  • Simulator training, if available.
  • Preceptorship in the OR, endovascular suite or office environment. Learners will follow the instructors during the interventions or investigations of real time patients. Learners will be given the opportunity to assist during open or percutaneous interventions, discuss tips-and tricks, and observe procedural technical detail.
  • Post-intervention discussion on accuracy of preoperative diagnosis, correctness of the indication to intervene and choice of procedure. Post-operative care and need and type follow-up will be discussed.
  • Additional material including videos will be available on this website, EVF VIP, which will make it possible for the learner to return to the discussed cases and demonstrated interventions to enhance their education in venous disease.

Note! The learner will be given a certificate of attendance of the course, which in no way ensures or certifies any competence to perform the procedure.

Planned EVF HOW Plus courses:

  • Duplex Ultrasound Investigation
  • Research/Non-invasive Investigations
  • Saphenous and Non-saphenous Vein Treatment
    • Radiofrequency technique
    • Laser ablation
    • Foam sclerotherapy
    • Steam ablation
    • Pharmaco-mechanical ablation
    • Glue ablation
    • Phlebectomy
  • Stenting of the femoro-iliocaval venous outflow tract
  • Repair of deep valves
  • Early clot removal

Interested in organising an EVF HOW Plus course

If you are interested in organising an EVF HOW Plus course, please contact Tomasz Urbanek (urbanek.tom@interia.pl) or click here for further details